dimarts, 13 d’agost del 2013

Campaments en anglès, experiències formatives de l'estiu de 2013.  Les experiències de Paula, José Luis i Paula.

Tot i que les beques d’idiomes que ofereix el  Ministeri  d’Educació, Cultura i Esports també han sofert retallades, alguns alumnes del nostre centre vam poder participar en els diferents campaments que es van dur a terme al llarg de tot el mes de juliol.  Durant huit dies vam tindre l’oportunitat de conviure amb persones de parla anglesa que ens van acompanyar al llarg de totes les activitats programades. La contínua interacció amb joves amb interessos semblants i procedents d’altres països d’arreu del món incentivà l’interès i l’esforç dels alumnes  per tractar de transmetre unes idees i unes percepcions a través d’una llengua diferent a la llengua materna.  A més a més vam poder establir contacte amb una gran varietat d’accents i diferents variants que ens van permetre millorar i perfeccionar la comprensió oral d’aquesta llengua.

After a hard-working year in the school, I had the opportunity to spend one week in an English camp. I met English, American, Irish, South-Aafrican,... teenagers, and they all were awesome. In fact, this fantastic week was the result of good marks. If you want to enjoy this experience, you know what to do!

The expierence was incredible, I met many english people. The first days I didn't talk very much but then I was always with my new friends, Cathy and Laura, laughing and enjoying the time. I learnt about the different accents, pronuntiation and now I'm not so shy, it's easier for me to talk with people of another country and explain a lot of things with my own words. I miss them and I really hope that we will see again.

This camp has been a great opportunity to learn about different countries that share the same language. Even without travelling abroad, we were able to discover many important things about their culture. For example, I had a roomate from Tennessee and through her, I was able to learn many things about United States such as the structures of its law and education systems. I could ask her about any doubts and we could discuss and compare the different aspects of life between U.S.A and Spain, or Europe in general. Through these types of discussions, I was able to improve my knowledge about the world while I was improving my english. Moreover, I was able to meet so many amazing people from France, Ireland, England.., All of us enjoyed a week that we will never forget, and I am truly thankful for this incredible experience.

dijous, 8 d’agost del 2013


Nova imatge a la façana de l'IES l'Estació

Us oferim algunes imatges de les intervencions pictòriques a la façana del nostre centre, realitzades per dos antics alumnes del centre. Més endavant, us oferirem l'entrevista amb els seus autors.